Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Film Versions

The story The Great Gatsby is a very popular book and a great story of love and tragedy. Due to the book's success many film versions were made out of it. One of the most popular includes one from 1949 which critics and many others said that it was well casted and very accurate according to the famous book. It brought the story and the lifestyle of that era alive and was a great film. "Nick Carraway is less prominent than the author might have intended. But the essence of the novel is there." (

For the first time in 1926 a silent version film version of the book was made. "Although a lost film, the trailer survived and is one of the 50 films in the 3-disk boxed DVD set called "More Treasures from American Film Archives." ( This version of the film is no longer made or available.
The most recognized of all these films was the one made in 1974, it won two oscars and five other awards. There were some complaints about the characters and how they were not portrayed as well as they could have been, but over all it was a well liked film by the public. "Nick Carraway, although there is something of an awkward feel with his character if only because he is the narrator in the film, telling the story through his own eyes, while in the film he is an external character and the vast majority of his internal thoughts are necessarily erased." (

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  1. There are four versions of the film. You should discuss all. 65/75