Thursday, June 3, 2010


The American gangsters were feared and revered and often controlled liquor sales, gambling, and prostitution. They wore silk suits and diamond rings which became popular over time. Although most gangster were murderers and robbers some were actually involved in political, economical and social conditions during this time.

Lots of gangsters owned speakeasies which brought in a surplus amount of money for them. If you don't know what a speakeasy is then it's a bar or secret club where you can buy and drink illegal alcohol. Since prohibition was going on during this time lots of people went to speakeasies for alcohol since they couldn't buy it from stores anymore.

One of the most famous gangsters was Al Capone who became infamous over time. Capone first started in the business by managing Torrio's speakeasies for him since he needed help. Capone eventually got up to being Torrio's number two man and became a partner in all of his dealings. Capone became the boss when Torrio was shot and fled Chicago. Through all of his illegal dealings Capone made about 100 million dollars a year.


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