Sunday, June 6, 2010


Jealousy plays a main role in The Great Gatsby. Almost every character in the story experiences a feeling of jealousy towards another character. Some of them include Gatsby, Tom, Myrtle, Wilson, and even Daisy. They all commit scandals out of their jealousy and anger towards each other.

Gatsby is extremely jealous of Tom because he is married to Daisy, the woman he has been in love with for many years. He wants Daisy to leave her husband Tom for him so that he can live the lifestyle with Daisy that Tom and her have. Tom Buchanan is another very jealous character in the story, he is jealous of Gatsby once he finds out he is having a secret relationship with his wife Daisy. This makes him very upset because not only is he sneaking around with his wife, but he is not very fond of Gatsby to begin with.

The women of Gatsby are very jealous as well. Myrtle is jealous of Daisy because of the wealthy Tom Buchanan. She loves the lavish lifestyle Tom is able to offer her even though she knows she is nothing but his mistress, she wants to have a normal life with Tom as his wife and live as an upper class woman just as Tom's wife Daisy does. Daisy however, is jealous of Myrtle because she is wise to her relationship with her husband. She does not know who she is but she knows that their is another woman in Tom's life and this upsets her.

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