Sunday, May 23, 2010

Men of Gatsby

There are three main male characters in the story The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby. These three characters all have different characteristics and play main roles in the story to make it all of what it is.

Nick Carraway is the narrator and first character introduced in the story. He is a single, intelligent, and well rounded man living in a very small home in the wealthy area known as the West Egg. Nick has come to the east coast to get into the bond business like other men in his family that have made a good living off of it. Nick's cousin Daisy lives close by in a neighborhood opposite of his known as the East Egg. Nick and Daisy become close once Nick starts to pay her and her husband Tom visits, and they become very fond of eachother. Nick is also the neighbor of the very wealthy and well known Jay Gatsby and comes to find out Mr. Gatsby is a very interesting man.

Another main character in the story is Mr. Jay Gatsby. Gatsby comes off as a very mysterious man but soon Nick is able to see his true personality. Gatsby was related to wealthy people from the west coast who died so he inherited a fortune. He throws extravagant parties and and is very well known among the area of the West Egg. He soon becomes friends with his neighbor Nick and makes it known that he dated Nick's cousin Daisy Buchanan at a young age when he was in the armed forces. He is still very much in love with Daisy and reconnects with her with the help of Nick.

The final significant male character is Tom Buchanan. Tom is from old money and has more of it than one could ever imagine. He is very proud, selfish, and is not a good husband to his wife Daisy. He has an affair with a woman names Myrtle and does not care that Daisy or her cousin Nick is aware of it. Tom is very pushy and manipulative and puts Nick into awkward situations when he takes him to meet his mistress. He is also what kept and continues to keep Daisy and Gatsby apart but has no idea about their previous romance.

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