Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dan Cody

Although Dan Cody is only mentioned briefly in chapter six, he has played a large role in Mr. Gatsby's life. He is the reason Gatsby was able to travel after the war and have a decent job. Dan Cody is also who inspired him to become sucessful in life and live a life of luxury not necessity. Cody is very fond of Gatsby upon first meeting and is very generous with him.

Gatsby was working as a janitor for a college to pay for his school tuition, however he hated the embarrassment of this job so he left to work on Lake Superior. His job included fishing for salmon and digging for clams in the area. One day while working, Gatsby saw Dan Cody's yacht out on the water when there was a storm headed for Superior. Gatsby got on a boat and rowed out to Mr. Cody's to warn him about the storm when he invited Gatsby onto the boat. He became his personal assistant and traveled with him wherever he went. He bought Gatsby some new nice clothes and gave him a taste of a life of luxury which Gatsby quickly fell in love with. Gatsby's name prior to meetine Cody was James Gatz which Cody gave him the name of Jay Gatsby. Mr. Cody was a millionaire and when he died he left Gatsby $25,000.

Once Gatsby discovered the lifestyle Dan Cody lives, he is determined to do the same. After losing Daisy to the fact that he was a poor man at the time has a great deal to do with his determination to being rich. He does whatever it takes to become wealthy even if that means doing it illegally. Gatsby comes into money by selling alcohol illegally in 1920s which was the time period of prohibition.

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