Sunday, May 16, 2010


The roaring 20s was an era for many different things including style. For young women, the new vogue trend was a look that was referred to as a flapper. This look was considered unacceptable by many citizens because they wore short glamorous dresses that were more revealing then what was appropriate in those days. They also had short choppy hair cuts which was out of the ordinary for young women in the 20s and wore a lot of make up. Make up was acceptable, but these flappers wore a lot of it and had very dramatic looks for the night life.

In the story The Great Gatsby there are several examples of the flappers. More characteristics of the falpper was the fact that they smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, and went to parties which was not considered very lady-like of them. In the story, Mr. Gatsby himself throws very extravagant parties where smoking and drinking took place among the flappers and other guests. The flappers also did not wear corsets which was considered almost a necessity among older sophisticated women when they were out socializing or at any formal event. The flappers however, were free spirited girls who loved to dance to upbeat jazz music and wearing these constricting corsets made it difficult so they did not wear them. Flappers were attractive, young, rebellious women in the roaring 20s.

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